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8690Re: strewing herbs?

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  • aisinbiya
    Sep 4, 2013
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      My vacuum is bagless. When I vaccumed this morning around my bed and as far under it as i could (not one of those models that can get under furniture, i dumped the canister into a small trash bag, closed it as tight as I could, then put it outside in the outdoor trash can which I covered tightly.

      I was able to take the upholstry attachment and go over the mattress pad (it's one of those good ones that prevents staining, so it has a water barrier to it) really well. strewed some lavender on that, then put on a clean bottom sheet.

      On that I sprinkled some eucalyptus oil which I understand fleas also hate and started the process of handwashing the sheet set that was on my bed overnight. But with just a shower curtain rod, a towel rod, and a metal drying rack, I cannot get too much done at once. There are no laundry mats in my area at all.

      Any tips for keeping them off ME? I'm not putting on a flea collar!
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