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8684strewing herbs?

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  • Lady Biya
    Sep 3, 2013
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      Could someone please explain strewing herbs and how use them?

      I have never owned a cat or dog; I'm a parrot lady.  So FLEAS is a foreign idea to me.

      However, for the last four days, it appears my bedroom and my bed is now flea infested.  I've been up for three hours after my first sleep after receiving several painful bites.

      Bed bugs were eliminated; I was able to talk to a zoologist member of the Known World Aviculturists Guild from Midrealms who told me these are absolutely FLEAS.

      I do not think I've ever received flea bites before.  I'm allergic to ALL insects, hence why I cannot fall back asleep.  My entire body is on fire and itching.

      Any ideas would be helpful.  I heard rosemary can help?

      Anything I can do to put a physical barrier between me and the fleas so I can sleep?

      the itching on my body is spreading.


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