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8655Homemade Vinegar Question

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  • kettabal
    Jun 20, 2013
      I recently tried my hand at making some apple cider vinegar, and I have a question about what happened.

      Here was my process:

      1. Washed (with white vinegar and water) some local organic apples from a local farm.
      2. Places peels and cores in a jar and covered with water (I made apple sauce out of what was left).
      3. Left in a dark, warm place for about a month.
      4. I left it undisturbed for one month

      A bit of mold seemed to grow on top of a few strands of apple peel that were sticking out of the water, so I just threw those away. It seems to have a good smell and the little bubbles formed. Today, as I was packing this for an SCA event to enter as part of an A & S project (making my own homemade four theives vinegar, starting with my own vinegar. It's a work in progress submission), I noticed a bit of a white film on the bottom of the far. I'm not sure if this is a new mother forming (as I think I accidentally threw out the mother with the moldy apple skins) or if it's contaminated with mold because I did something wrong.

      Thoughts? Suggestions? Help please!

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