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8646RE: [SCA-Herbalist] White Peaches and Mulberries

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  • jack hollandbeck
    Jun 7, 2013

      lol I have a wonderful picture of purple foot prints on the kitchen floor. My granddaughter was thrilled with her purple tongue. She loved showing it off. My daughter said she mixed the mulberries with water. I didn't think to ask if she whisked after she added whole berries to the water (hot?) or if the berries were mashed and the juice added to the water. I am sure that I will find out the hard way when i get there. lol How was the jelly? She cans, pickles and makes jams. She makes her own ranch dressing. I think she is a natural for herbalism They are dirt poor and have to make things work.


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      Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 18:43:19 -0500
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      When my girls were little, we had a mullberry tree  at another residence.  This one was *huge*.  And of course, being from the south, the girls ran around bare footed.  Don't know about toenail polish, but I do know about purple on the feet and between the toes.  They looked like they had bruised feet, poor kids.
      From that tree, I was able to collect enough berries for pies.  Don't recommend it. Too messy to try to remove the little stems from the berry.  And I did make jelly once.
      Sounds like that is a plausible logic jump about the purple dye. I didn't find any sources in my more modern dye books about mulberry.  I'd like to know more, too.

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