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8637White Peaches and Mulberries

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  • Christy
    Jun 6, 2013

      The white peaches tend to be less sweet than more colorful varieties.  I have used them in pork dishes several times and love their flavor when slow-cooked.  They make the basis for nice bbq sauce, and chopped up do well in salsa. 


      I had some mulberries turn into their own natural mulberry vinegar in the back of my fridge last year, so I made Mulberry Shrub with that vinegar and some honey, diluted in lots of ice water.  Very delicious!


      Her backyard sounds like it contains quite the bounty!



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      Hello all,


      Now for the good stuff. My daughter has some interesting things in her back yard. She has white peaches and mulberries. She also has the normal blueberries, blackberries and walnuts, all wild. Any ideas or uses for mulberries and white peaches beyond eating them?



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      Fox News is skeptical about diet aides, so am I. Who most just mess with blood pressure and metabolism. My doc says to loose weight the old fashioned way. That is how you put the fat on in the first place. I am also skeptical about Fox News on everything, including shilling for products. The article reads like an infomercial.


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