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8619RE: [SCA-Herbalist] Introduction to Herbalism

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  • jack hollandbeck
    May 21, 2013
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      Yup. Googling is a crap shoot. I have found that out from my research. Occasionally one can discover a portal. What fun that is. I can not vouch for my daughter's source, however. I will forward the links to her. She is a tough backwoods woman. She might be a natural for herbal lore. Thanks.

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      Google is not your friend.  Google-ing herbalism leads to finding a lot of erroneous and conflicting information and even more confusion.  I don’t like for my herbal apprentices to use the Internet at all in their research but when they do it,  I guide them to certain websites.   

      This is a link to my mundane blog, where I keep a list of the websites I prefer that they use.   I have linked to a few “period” resources on their as well.   http://naturallysimple.org/living/my-favorite-herbals/     Here is a link to my much-neglected and rarely updated “SCA” blog.  http://segnatssojourns.blogspot.com/    I talk about herbs on it, sometimes.

      Most of the herbal blogs I link to are those of my personal friends whom I respect.   There  are literally hundreds out there, but I chose to narrow it down that way.   If you are studying Materia Medica, I can give you more specific links. .   Please don’t be afraid to e-mail me off-list with questions.  



      Ségnat ingen Fháeláin

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      Google is your friend.



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