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8598Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Herbal First Aid Handout

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  • Marta McCarthy
    Apr 24, 2013
      I think we all have our own recipe.  What you teach others, what you learn in class and what you do for yourself.  I unfortunately, burn myself all too often.  Stop the cooking of the flesh is always first for me.  Cool water works, but iced water really works.  Stops the chemical release into the tissues and stops the damage from continuing.  Much like icing a sprain.  THEN apply topical of choice.  I have many aloe vera plants, and the pulp works well after the burning stops.  I like the calendula/lemon/vodka much idea.   I will have to make some and test it next time.  Always looking for a better mousetrap.
      I have applied calendula/comfrey  in the past and that is good too.  Many burns, so far no scars.  I think it also depends on your type of skin.  If you scar easily, like my daughter, it's rough.  I have applied greasy stuff on and not always a good feel for me until the burning stopped.  We are water based creatures.
      On a different note, I recently crushed a finger on a camping cot I was putting away from Gulf Wars, and I packed it in a comfrey poultice.  Didn't take the pain away initially, actually throbbed something awful all night.  But the next morning I had no swelling and I could move my finger joints. Pain was gone. I am thinking I only bruised the joints, but wow, it worked so well.  Made me a believer. 
      Stay well all,
      (yes, still putting away stuff from Gulf wars)

      On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 4:09 PM, silveroak@... <silveroak@...> wrote:


      Firstly, a book I highly recommend:

      The Artifice of Beauty - Sally Pointer - 2005 - isbn 0-7509-3887-0

      Second, a burn recipe:

      Calendula and lemon are good for burns, so I've put dried calendula petals and cut-up lemons into vodka for soothing burn relief. Scoop out some of the petal / pulp mush, put on the burn....ahhhhhh....


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