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8568Re: [SCA-Herbalist] drying my basil leaves?

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  • joanne@...
    Mar 10, 2013
      I had very good results using the microwave -- they even kept their color!

      Put a paper towel on a plate. Spread herbs (single layer) on it. Cover
      with another paper towel.

      Microwave for 30 seconds. If they're not crisp, give them another 30
      seconds. And another, if they need it. (Parsley will be done the first
      time, but basil is juicier).

      When they cool, put them in a jar in a cool darkish place.

      The kitchen will smell wonderful!

      Johanna Lemercer

      Quoting Lady Biya <aisinbiya@...>:

      > I just plucked about 20 leaves of basil out of my indoor planter to
      > stimulate more growth. I don't have any immediate need of the basil.
      > Is there an easy way to dry the leaves? Right now they are all on a
      > couple paper towels on paper plates sitting on my dining room table.
      > --Laurel A. Rockefeller
      > Author, Peers of Beinan Series
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