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8504Your Favorite Period Bruise Balm Recipes

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  • kettabal
    Jul 5, 2012
      Greetings all!

      Wow, it's been quite a while. My wedding is recently over, and now I can resume a normal SCAdian life (hahahahaha!!!!!).

      I have a bruise balm recipe (not period) that I have been slowly become quite known for in my area. I have a little project that I would like to do, and would appreciate your input.

      Here is the project:
      1. Make a batch of my Bruise Balm
      2. Find a period recipe for Bruise Balm and make some of that
      3. Ask a friend who bruises easily to be my guinea pig
      4. Document the use of the two bruise balms over the course of 2-3 weeks on various bruises to see their effect.
      5. Enter this documentation and recipes (and samples of course!) into as many A & S competitions as I possibly can in hopes of getting the Baronial Ruby Chalice award by December.

      So, my question for you is: Do you have a period bruise balm/salve recipe that you are particularly fond of? If so, where can I find the recipe, and why do is this one of particular interest to you?

      Thank you, everyone, for your input. It's so good to be back in the kitchen!

      ~Katla Ketiley "Ketta" Gulharrswif, Herbalist of Red Spears