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8494thanks for the herbal documentation help!

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  • Lady Biya
    Jun 3, 2012
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      Hello all. Yesterday the Barony of St. Swithin's Bog, Aethelmearc,
      held its tea brewing competition. I was the only guild member

      Thanks to the help of the guild with period documentation, my tea won
      the competition despite that EVERYTHING went wrong in brewing on site.
      Starting with the start button on my electric brewer being hit during
      transit to the event, spewing hot water all over the picnic table in
      the event pavillion before I could put my chamomile and english
      lavender into the infuser!

      Half my ice melted before the 1230pm start...the net result overflowed
      the pitcher...it was a serious mess.

      But somehow the judges LIKED the tea and liked more that I was the
      only person who gave documentation (which was never asked for) over
      just saying what I felt these ingredients were used for.

      Especially given the fiasco in making the tea, I absolutely did not
      expect anyone to even like it!

      What this proves is that good documentation and solid herbalism does
      over ride these sorts of mishaps.

      Thank you everyone for all your help across the board with this!

      -- Biya
      Laurel A Rockefeller
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