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8493Re: [SCA-Herbalist] hee hee hee Roses!

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  • silveroak@juno.com
    May 31, 2012
      Greetings again!

      >Carowyn, is this a non-coated standard cast iron pan?

      It's a pretty old cast iron pan, liberated from the hoarded piles of junk from the Dreaded In-Laws house. 10.5 inches in diameter, 2-inch high sides. It's *nice*, it was a shock to find it in piles of crap in their basement, and when they said it was useless and to throw it in the recycle bin......!!!

      > Does it turn the roses black as they simmer?

      Oh, yes! And it didn't take long at all! Even new additions to the pan were black within 2 hours of adding it to the mush that was already there.

      >How "dark" a shade is the "dark rose water"?

      Black when you look directly at it, dark brown when you tilt some up the glass wall.

      >Did any oil form on the top of the pan during the simmering and if so was it mixed back into the pulp before squeezing?

      Some oil formed, but I was keeping the water addition to a minimum, so most of it stayed in the rose mush. A lot of the oil got on my hands when I formed the last beads; it stayed on for about 8 hours!

      > Has anyone tried using the tiny, white shrub roses for doing this?

      I know I haven't. Do they have a scent? If so, add 'em in! If not, add 'em in anyway as "bulk" for the beads! (They will turn black in the pan, mine did!)

      >Questions, questions, questions, sorry, but this project fascinates me.

      There's nothing wrong with asking lots of questions! I caught enthusiasm from others, and passing it on is fun!

      I'll be going out a little later on and collecting rose petals again for the next round. I'll keep reporting periodically, and when I get the pics up, I'll let you know!


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