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8460Re: [SCA-Herbalist] herbaria, was Teaching herbal class

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  • Marta McCarthy
    Apr 27 7:25 AM
      May I ask if you have an actual bibliography?  I saw the specimens on the pages, I had not noticed they were sewn.  I also saw the pictures of the books, but again, had not seen how they were bound.  I also saw the added drawings and written descriptions on the facing page on one of them and on another, there were just drawings with descriptions (sometimes quite elaborate) in the next few pages.
      I have started my personal herbarium with the specimens glued on, the small descriptive card and then placed inside a plastic sleeve (I found them at the art store for portfolios) which were a bit cheaper than the actual scientific ones.  I m also using lighter weight paper, as I had started scribing, and then realized that my arthritic hands were not up to it, so I have a few blocks of heavy vellum.  A little smaller than the scientific/archival ones, but they are for me to learn and keep, not to archive at the museum.
      Anyway, I want to do an actual art-sci entry, as it sounds challenging and fun.  If you can toss any tidbits of information, I would be grateful.  I am also thinking of e-mailingto the universities and maybe some of the places where they have extensive collections of herbaria and see if they can direct me towards some literature and information.
      In Service,
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