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  • Marta McCarthy
    Apr 26, 2012
      Thanks Ros, that is what I had in mind as well.  I am collecting my personal set of single tinctures at this point. The recipes I have found so far have a combination of single tinctures.  I like the versatility too.

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      one more note i would make - based on my experience at least.  I make single herb tinctures rather than making blends - that way i can then blend the singles into whatever i may need - so rather than making a tincture for sleep per say - i would make tinctures of chamomile, valerian, lavendar, etc - and then use a small amount of each into the blend - that way when i next need chamomile for something else - i have it ready and waiting.



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      My notes on tincture making are growing right along.  I read a few books on the making of them, and they seemed to switch back and forth between the distilled alcohols and the pure grain menstruums.  Thanks Ros.

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      Yes everclear is the brand of grain that i use.


      While each processing removes any impurities, i think we must remember - it is also removing any of the natural tendencies of the plant that was used to create the alcohol.   Perhaps teachings have changed in the last 20+ yrs - but when i began learning and making tincutures - all the herbalists and naturopaths who taught me recommended the grain (everclear) because it was less processed and retained some of the healing tendancies of the grains used to make it.   More processing is not always better.



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      Alas, if I only had my personal recipes.   I think with time I will.  I am but a budding herbalist.   What I will do at the classes is bring a bunch of my favorite books that have recipes that I like and use.  I am also giving each student a very small book ( and a pen) and they can copy any recipe that appeals to them for their own use ( and start their own stillroom mini book).  They can also copy names of books they like. 
      I  just came back from a jaunt to Total Wine, and got educated on alcohols.  What I learned is that the more times something is distilled, the fewer the impurities.  I saw a vodka that was distilled 7 times.  It was organic and called "Rain".  It sold for $36 for the 1.5 L bottle.  They also had everclear but I didn't get it as I wasn't sure whether that was what Ros was talking about.
      So Ros, when you say you use grain alcohol are you refering to the everclear or is there something else on the market?
      On a different note, has anyone ever made a period herbarium for an art-sci entry?
      In Service,

      On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 8:39 PM, Vivienne Kestrel <VivienneKestrel@...> wrote:

      Greetings Isabella,

      And now for the question no one has asked yet...
      Are you willing to share your recipes?

      In Service,

      On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 3:53 PM, Pamela Nelson <psn3748@...> wrote:

      My preference for making tinctures is pure grain alcohol.  It has had less processing than any vodka.  I use 50/50 grain and water which still gives me the 90 proof.

      As to age, under 18 I require a parent present for the individual to make anything with alcohol.  I do though usually take vinegar for when someone w/out a parent wants to participate.


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      Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Teaching herbal class


      I use triple distilled vodka in my tinctures.  My class age is over 18.  What are the laws in your state?
      Even though the class is not "drinking" the alcohol, I just think more mature class members are more responsible (not always, but most of the time).
      On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 1:21 PM, Marta McCarthy <misigilli@...> wrote:

      I am getting ready to teach a herbal class on the making of salves, balms and tinctures.  This will be a hands on class and will involve using vodka for the tinctures.  Has anyone taught such a class before and have they required that all their participants be over 21 due to the vodka use, or have they excluded the underage group and had them use vinegar or glycerin instead?  How about the general herb use?  Are students required to be at least 18?
      I want to make sure I stay within the legal mundane and SCA requirements.  The herbs I will be using are comfrey and calendula for salves, chamomile, plantain and calendula for balm, and echinacea for the tincture.
      In Service,

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