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8442Teaching herbal class

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  • Marta McCarthy
    Apr 25, 2012
      I am getting ready to teach a herbal class on the making of salves, balms and tinctures.  This will be a hands on class and will involve using vodka for the tinctures.  Has anyone taught such a class before and have they required that all their participants be over 21 due to the vodka use, or have they excluded the underage group and had them use vinegar or glycerin instead?  How about the general herb use?  Are students required to be at least 18?
      I want to make sure I stay within the legal mundane and SCA requirements.  The herbs I will be using are comfrey and calendula for salves, chamomile, plantain and calendula for balm, and echinacea for the tincture.
      In Service,
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