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8398worrysome woad

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  • Aly/Cemper
    Oct 1, 2011
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      I so extremely jelous that I'm green with envy. A nice deepish spring green I may say.

      >My woad, however, I'm getting precipitate again! *rubs hands
      > gleefully*
      > There's a blue dye in my future!! I'm going to add it to the stuff
      > I got
      > this past winter!
      >and woad likes the cool, damp weather...

      I attempted ATTEMPTED to grow woad this past summer and when I saw little sprouts I was delighted. Not so delighted when I realized that my sprouts turned into fireweed (a weed in Alaska). I've done research on woad and some suggest planting seedlings indoors and then transferring them outdoors. Research does not neccessarily mean results and book sense does not always equate common sense in planting. Some suggested just planting in the ground as the seedlings do not transfer well. Whilst I realize that woad and I may have a rocky relationship, I am determined to grow it and have no problems with it taking over my garden. It can go where it pleases. So, before I invest in another  packet of woad seeds, could someone provide some insight on growing woad. My black thumb...or blue if you please... is challenged. I don't know if it will grow in Alaska (guess I'll find out) but I'll grow it in a pot if I have too. Any advice woad be welcome (couldn't help myself).
      The Confused Celt-Cemper!
      One cannot silly-walk into Mordor.
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