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  • jack hollandbeck
    Aug 2, 2011
      It would make sense for an ancient/medieval pharmacist to make large batches of anything, just like it makes sense for a restaurant chef to prep large quantities. It was a business. As for wikipedia, it is useful for getting some directions and ideas for new research lines. I don't use it as a primary (ie bibliographical) source for the same reasons. Everything from there must be independently verified, but it is a start on ideas. That is unless you believe that Paul Revere rode out to warn the British. lol

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      I would hope so. I realized after I posted it that boiling would eliminate the alcohol. Needed more coffee for that one. I would assume *yeah, I know too!* that the mixture was a larger quantity and then doled out per person as you mentioned.I have an herbal/liquor tonic, "Mildred's Marvel," that my mom makes and you have to make it in great quantities.Kinda like Plum Pudding. Recently, there were posting about pre-made capsules and such and Dwale may have been one\ of those. Most of the salves and recipes I've used from mediaeval herbals make larger quantities since the work is the same for small or larger doses, so it makes sense to make a lot of Dwale. I've only found a few references to dwale. One or two in books and one or two were on the internet but I try to say away from tertiary sources like wikipedia when I can since who knows who wrote it! (Sorry soapbox!)

      I guess you could also nip some dwale if the physician was so inclined. 

      The use of the datura has pretty much prevented me from making it since it is an herb that should be used with caution. Seems a bit toxic and I'm truly not planning on doing surgery on anyone any time soon. 

      One cannot silly-walk into Mordor.

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      I'm *assuming*  (I know, I know!) that the patient was told to drink it all, but closely watched for certain signs of a certain level of intoxication, then have the rest pulled away from the unresisting patient by an assistant?  Conjecture, I know, but hopefully logical! 
      >Personally, I have never made Dwale.  If I had, I would
      probably boil it down so that two flagons were reduced. Can you imagine having to drink 2 flagons. I'd never get through 1/8th of ONE flagon before I keeled over :)

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