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7831Re: Newbie--Help!

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  • Audrey
    Jul 1, 2010
      > I was thinking about just diving into the research, i have a few books-mundane and SCA- on the subject, but if there is a better way to approach this please feel free to offer advice!!!
      > Thanks!
      > Kathy

      Are you interested in growing your own herbs, or just learning how they were used? This is an important question as from your post I see that you live in Florida, and if that is the case then you are going to need some help growing herbs in Florida. Even in the North-Western area. You can't rely on just any herb book to tell you how. Florida is a very unique state when it comes to growing herbs.

      In the medieval eras most of the medicinal herbs were grown in monasteries, and were regulated by the priests. But quite a few were also grown by the lowly housewife, and by the nobles, for the use of the household on a daily basis. Some of these included the basic culinary herbs, and some that we would not consider, today, to be culinary. Such as lavendar.

      I can give you at least one good book title to learn about basic herbs. Rodales is the best. It even has a short section in there on the history of herbs, going from the post Roman era to the late Elizabethan era.

      Secondly look on line. Search out medieval cooking sites. You will be surprised what is out there to find. I suggest you research on line first, and from there you will get an excellent bibliograpy to choose from. This is where you will refine your search. Also search on line for kingdom cooks. There are several excellent ones who are not only happy to help you if you ask, but then want you to tell them how you did. (Grin.)

      I hope this helps.
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