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7735Gulf Wars still needs Teachers!

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  • sillysolveig
    Jan 12, 2010
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      The submission deadline for classes at Gulf Wars to appear in the on-site booklet is January 15th, 2010!

      Teachers, artisans, performers, and guilds need to submit your class/workshop/demo/competition/meeting information or ideas online now!
      (Artisans Row is particularly interested in hands-on classes in any herbal/botanical or culinary topic!)

      We will make reasonable efforts to schedule items submitted after that date in Gulf Wars class/learning areas, but these events may only be advertised on message boards on site - not in the site booklet.

      For more information regarding classes and A&S learning activities at Gulf wars visit: http://gulfwars.org/classes.html

      If you have any questions or please do not hesitate to submit them via the form with lots of notes, or contact lady Charmayne via ladycharmayne@... with any questions or concerns regarding classes/A&S learning activities at Gulf Wars!

      For more information about Gulf Wars in general, check out the web site: http://gulfwars.org/

      Solveig Eiriksdottir
      Artisans Row Gulf Wars