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  • perriscott
    Nov 26, 2009
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      Nothing "Period" per se, but as an 'arm-chair' mythologist (ie. Comparative Religion studies), with a bent towards herbalism, I seem to recall that this concoction (or something similar) was used by Tibetan monks to anoint the ground as a blessing for the souls of those that might be crushed under foot by accident (insects/worms), or just as a blessing to honor the earth.

      The exact reference escapes me at the moment--90% of my [text] books and belongings are in storage at the moment after my Big Move (now sleeping in a friends spare bedroom). Will try to locate it if anyone is interested.

      Trying to stay marginally on topic,

      --- In SCA-Herbalist@yahoogroups.com, "Rosie" <Rosie_0801@...> wrote:
      > > I believe the original question was about recipes using ghee for ointments, not food.  So far no one has addressed that particular question, and I know I for one am interested in the response.  I have seen modern Ayuverdic manuals calling for the use of ghee mixed with sesame oil as a daily moisturizer/tonic.  The manuals specifically call for the concoction to be used on the soles of the feet every night before bed, in theory to help draw out the toxins in the body and help restore a sense of equilibrium.  Has anyone seen any period recipes in Arabic or Hindu texts calling for the use of ghee in such a fashion?
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      > > Aldyth the Gentle
      > I guess not :)
      > Nawojka
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