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  • Chris Carpenter
    Nov 9, 2009
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      "I know I participated in this discussion, but can I get you to at least TRY to bring this round to, if not medieval or renaissance herbalism/medical practice, at least HERBALISM?" (Zadweiga's quote)

      I am sorry if I annoyed you by going off on what seems like a tangent, Zadweiga, but I disagree. Herbalism is not about plants.. its supposed to be about pharmacy; how to treat illness's with natural remedies. In order for us to do this, we need to understand what those illness's are.. what caused them and how to address them. Yes, we must sometimes go to mundane knowledge and technology, but unless we do this, all we are doing is fishing in the dark about what the problem is and stabbing at solutions. I know this is period: to fish for solutions with no research; only period documented manuscripts, but some maladies are serious enough to use contemporary research to understand before we apply period herbalism. There are period solutions to Diabetes, and I will eventually venture them, but first we need to understand the causes of it or all we are doing is spouting references without actually practicing herbalism: period or not.


      PS.. besides, this list is stagnant 90% of the time, whats wrong with having a little activity and discussing interesting off topic tangental matter? Its better than nothing. We have some of the most intelligent people I have ever encountered on this list, and I personally feel I have a lot to learn from all of you!
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