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  • Dianna Haught
    Nov 8, 2009
      Research is always ahead of doctors in nutritional information and the
      information that reaches the public. I moderate a list for people who
      have certain digestive issues and so tend read up on research. The most
      recent research on heart disease and cholesterol seems to be indicating
      that the previous research on heart disease and cholesterol was mostly
      flawed. What the current studies seem to indicate is thatnatural fats
      such as meat fats don't cause heart disease while manufactured,
      hydrogenated fats do (meaning that butter is healthier than maragarine).
      High LDL in the diet has been promoted for years as a leading factor
      in heart disease, but the latest studies haven't borne that out. Rather
      just the opposite seems to be true. One doctor has come out so far as
      to say that the statin medicines given to people to control cholesterol
      are more dangerous than then having high cholesterol levels.

      Australian researchers found that people who eat a diet high in protein
      while dieting lose weight faster than people who avoid eating meat.

      All of us have grown up believing the facts we've been given, but as
      research advances, the "facts" are redefined and changed. When I was
      growing up I was told that a diet high in carbs and low in meat was the
      best. Now I hear that meat is healthy, carbs are bad and processed
      foods are poison. I've personally come to the conclusion that
      everything I was ever told about good nutrition is bunk. LOL I think
      maybe the advice that you not eat anything your great-grandmother
      wouldn't recognize as food may the best advice ever.

      On the medieval side: The Tarim mummies, for those who aren't familiar
      with them, are a group of natural mummies found in the Tarim basin of
      China. Despite being Bronze age and being buried long before anyone
      from the west was supposed to (by our knowledge) traveling that far
      eastward, they appear to be of Celtic origin and the adults were over 6
      ft. tall. There is evidence that they actually introduced writing and
      chariots to China. So the myth that our medieval ancestors were shorter
      than us is once again debunked. The myth that our medieval ancestors
      lived shorter lifespans is also debunked by these and other finds. The
      question is do you think it was diet?

      > I don't know about Crisco, because I've not seen it here in New Zealand,
      > but as far as margarine is concerned, what you say is completely at
      > variance with all the health advice I've ever seen or heard. Again, I
      > don't know about the US, but margarine sold here is made from healthy
      > oils such as olive, canola or sunflower, and is extremely low in
      > transfats. Butter, on the other hand, is basically pure saturated fat,
      > and I don't see how clarifying it to make ghee would change this.
      > Sinech.
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