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  • Lila Richards
    Nov 8, 2009
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      Trey Capnerhurst wrote:
      > It makes no difference what kind of healthy fat you make it from. Margarine has been called "liquid plastic", due to the similarity of chemical structure and the body's inability to digest it. I would take a ton of butter or ghee over a cup of margarine any day.

      Well, my cholesterol went way up when I used butter for a year instead
      of margarine (and I have a virtually meat-free diet). Modern margarine
      is made using vegetable oils such as sunflower, canola or olive, rather
      than the animal fats and coconut or palm oil used in the past, by
      processes that produce almost no trans fatty acids. A lot of the
      negative comments you read about margarine refer to margarine made by
      processes that are no longer used (at least not where I live - I don't
      know anything about American production methods). e.g. The margarine I
      have at the moment is made from sunflower and canola oils, and contains,
      per 100g, 12g saturated fat, 0.43g transfat, and 12g mono-unsaturated
      fat, less than 3mg cholesterol, and has vitamins D and E. Butter, by
      comparison contains, per 100g, 51g saturated fat, 21g mono-unsaturated
      fat, 3g polyunsaturated fat, and may have added beta carotene to improve
      its colour (as does margarine). You'd also want to know what
      affiliations the people making the negative comments have. I've seen and
      heard numerous comments by medical people with no axe to grind that
      margarine, as currently produced, is way more healthy than butter, which
      is pretty much pure fat, and cholesterol-producing fat at that.

      Oh, and the 'plastic' reference is, I suspect, a misinterpretation of
      the use of the word in its sense of 'malleable', rather than any
      similarity to the plastics used for toys, containers, etc.


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