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7420Re: Earliest German herbals?

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  • Raven Kaldera
    Feb 28, 2009
      --- In SCA-Herbalist@yahoogroups.com, Jo Anne Fatherly <joanne@...> wrote:
      > I don't remember ever seeing a response to this. The only place I've
      > seen any amount of information was in Anna Pavord's book, "The Naming
      > of Names." The book is about the history of plant nomenclature, and
      > more interesting than you might think. But she spends a fair amount
      > of time on the German publications.

      My apologies for taking so long - I've been away.

      Thank you to all who replied to this - I'm looking into the resources,
      and oh I only wish that I could read foreign languages, sigh. I will
      check out the above book, and the listed website.

      (What book-translation of Hildegard of Bingen do folks suggest?)

      I suppose the base contextual question, underneath, is about timeline.
      Yes, you have all the Greek and Roman classical texts, and then the
      big gap of the early Dark Ages, and then ... are the Anglo-Saxon
      herbals really the next thing we have, chronologically, and the only
      thing in northern Europe until the early Renaissance? Is that why
      they're so special - they're all that there is out there for hundreds
      of years, both before and after?

      I realize that the classical herbals influenced the AS herbals to a
      good degree, but there do seem to be a great deal of "local" remedies,
      and it's those that I'm fascinated by. It would stand to reason that
      books printed geographically closer to Greece/Rome (Italy, perhaps
      France) would be more likely to be outright copies of classical texts
      ... so that's why I'm looking at Germany. Might they have something as
      old as the AS herbals? I have read Charlemagne's plant decrees, surely
      there might be something else from that era?

      (The very nice and articulate gentleman from the Norwegian based
      Museum of Pharmacology sent me a long and wonderful email explaining
      the history of herbals in Scandinavia, which apparently started with
      the printing press importation in the mid-1500s.)

      Forgive my ignorance, I am honestly trying to research this.

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