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7375Re: Earliest German herbals?

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  • donat0
    Feb 19, 2009
      I believe at times, in the SCA, people loose track of the context of
      information while searching for the minutae of period specific
      knowledge. They want to pinpoint documentation to rationalize their
      personae having known the information while ignoring where it came

      What drove the Renaissance was the re-exploration of the classical
      arts and sciences. DaVinci, Michelangelo... I could go on and on
      with names.. all had extensive education derived from the foundations
      the Greeks and Romans built 1200 years before. They took this
      information, and either further discovered truths based upon this
      expertise, or discredited the myths provided in the past to help
      discover the truth. Pliny was a very important part of this along
      with Aristotle, Aristophanes, Pythagoreas (goes on naming).... All
      these people were studied to bring about the Renaissance.

      I guess what I am saying, is if we really want to learn what the
      educated people in period were thinking, where they were coming from,
      we need to also learn what they learned too; not just show that they
      said it. Its easy to say "(insert name) wrote this and I have
      documentation to prove it" ... but to show you understand WHY that
      person wrote it, and how they found that information in the first
      place... this shows a true understanding of the subject.
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