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7168Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Re: Pepper vodka?

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  • Jennifer Heise
    Sep 5, 2008
      I think the closest thing you'd get would be 'water of pepper', made
      by distilling pepper with grain beverage. I don't know if they made
      such a thing but the Brits at least did make 'waters' of all the
      spices they could get their hands on.

      From John French's Art of Distillation, 1651:

      Take of what seeds you please, bruised, two pounds. Of spring water
      take twenty pints, let them be macerated for the space of 24 hours,
      and then be distilled in a copper still with a worm or alembic with
      its refrigerating. The oil extracted with the water, being separated
      with a tunnel, keep the water for a new distillation.
      This water after three or four distillations is a very excellent water
      and better than is drawn any way out of that vegetable whereof these
      are seeds; I mean for virtue though not always for smell.
      After the same manner are made oils of spices and aromatical woods."

      On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 10:34 AM, Beth Ann Bretter <ladypeyton@...> wrote:
      > I've never seen any reference to pepper vodka in all my cordial research but
      > you might want to try The Domostroi. At the very least it's a starting point
      > for period slavic cooking. There's also Food in Russian History and Culture
      > by Glants and Toomre which isn't a primary source, but I've heard it's a
      > very good reference.
      > Peyton
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