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7160Pepper vodka?

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  • R B
    Aug 31, 2008
      I recently went to a class taught by Thomas Handwerker about Baba Yaga. That sparked a discussion about vodka. Since he is also a brewer, I asked him if he knew about pepper vodka in period? I have read about pepper vodka in spy novels, nothing historical. He had never heard of pepper vodka at all but he was interested.

      A quick search online revealed that pepper vodka is called petrovka or petrivka and the several dozen online sources (which all seem to be cut and pasted from a single wikipedia article) say it is Ukrainian, not Russian. It is also unclear about whether it is black pepper (capiscum nigrum? right? peppercorns worth more than gold in period) or red pepper and honey or both types that are used. I really wanted to find a recipe but the only one I found was Alton Brown's recipe that uses black pepper - hard to drink. Best for cooking spicy foods.

      The kind of red pepper that paprika is made from might have been used. I will do a more extensive search later.

      Any thoughts on this?

      -Lady Kalara Zrinyi.
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