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7108Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Massage oils?

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  • Sydney Walker Freedman
    Jul 1, 2008
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      Dod you say 1 oz jasmine? That may very well be a fragrance oil of the
      sort mentioned below rather than a true absolute (that volume of a true
      jasmine extract would be rather expensive). Check the labels, and have
      fun. :) Oh, I'm curious; what's the reference for ylang-ylang in period?

      Pax Christi,
      Lady Cecilia de Cambrige

      > Be cautious with scented "perfume" oils. My dad makes incense and uses a
      > number of the available perfume oils. He's told me that most contain DPG,
      > the same thing as is in antifreeze. A number of people are allergic to
      > it. Make certain about what you've got.
      > Oriel of Clan Dunncan
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      > Woo hoo! I've been experimenting with period and modern cosmetics of just
      > this type.
      > Grapeseed is the base. It has a high natural Vit. E content for
      > preservative, and it absorbs the fastest. "Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus
      > Armeniaca) is smooth and lightweight, high in Vitamin A and minerals.
      > Apricot Kernel Oil has an excellent texture that is great for all skin
      > types, but preferred by many practitioners for the benefits that it
      > renders for prematurely aged skin and skin that is dry and irritated. "
      > You can also raid your fridge for other oils (and ALL oils should be
      > stored in your fridge to minimize oxidation), such as olive, seasame, and
      > sunflower.
      > "Olive: Most people are familiar with olive oil as a cooking oil, but it
      > is occasionally used for massage. It is a heavy oil with a greasy or
      > sticky texture and recognizable aroma that many associate with cooking, so
      > it's usually not used on its own for massage.
      > One study compared topical olive oil with sunflower oil and found that
      > olive oil had no effect on epidermal barrier function, whereas topical
      > sunflower oil resulted in significant improvement in the skin barrier."
      > http://altmedicine.about.com/od/massage/a/massage_oil.htm
      > "Sesame Seed Oil has been used as a healing oil for thousands of years.
      > Sesame oil is mentioned in the Vedas as excellent for humans. It is
      > naturally antibacterial for common skin pathogens, such as staphylococcus
      > and streptococcus as well as common skin fungi, such as athlete's foot
      > fungus. It is naturally antiviral. It is a natural anti inflammatory
      > agent. " http://www.youthingstrategies.com/qualities.htm
      > Now, if you are looking at something period, I'd go with a scented perfume
      > oil, something to put in hair and body and bath. I'd use an olive base,
      > since it's a period trade item, and experiment with the right amount of
      > Jasmine and Ylang for a pleasant scent. Both those oils are period trade.
      > Unless you want to get really wacky and press fresh flowers between
      > layers of crushed almonds yourself, for period perfumery. But that's
      > pretty hard core...
      > Treasach
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      > From: Aelfwyn@...
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      > Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 2:10 PM
      > Subject: [SCA-Herbalist] Massage oils?
      > I was gifted with the items from someone else's unfinished project. I have
      > 16 oz Apricot Kernel Oil, 16 oz Grapeseed Oil, 1 fl oz Jasmine Oil, .5oz
      > Ylang Ylang essential oil and 8 small brown bottles with dropper lids. I
      > THINK the intent was to produce 8 small bottles of scented massage oil.
      > I'd like to make something with all this to present to the Queen for her
      > royal gifting stash. What can/should I do with it? If I am to add the
      > scented oil to the unscented oil, which would be best used and in what
      > ratios?
      > Help, culinary herbs I know, this is out of my bailiwick.
      > Aelfwyn
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      > cars.

      Pax Christi,
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