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6373Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Top 20 Herbs and Spices plus Salt

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  • Alyson
    Sep 4, 2007
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      Some are for flavoring and some are for medicinal. I suppose that one's medicinal elements are going to vary from person to person depending upon the reason for the treatment. I'd include honey as we are NEVER without pure Organic honey, but it doesn't really fall into an herbal category:

      Basil-this is my #1 favorite herb for flavoring
      Saffron-unsure about the medicinal value but I love the flavor
      Garlic-if we run out, my hubby claims this is grounds for divorce
      St. John's Wort-I did my Senior Thesis on this so I can't exclude it
      Cinnamon-everything from toast to coffee to rolls and chewing on the sticks
      Raspberry Leaf


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      If you could have only 20 cooking herbs and spices (plus salt as the 21st item) and wanted at least half of them to be multiuse, what would you choose?   Would you focus on spices of a particular cuisine or select a core group that works for many cuisines and maybe a few for spscific suisines?  Would you stick to herbs and spices that can be grown in your area or would you choose the world as your garden?
      Herbs and Spices may be fresh or dried or otherwise preserved. 
      For the multiuse part consider what else the herb or spice could be used for in addition to cooking.  It might be good for medicine, cosmetics and toiletries, dyes, or other uses.  Even better if it has more than one additional use :-).  More than 10 of them can be multiuse if you like.
      (PS this does not include condiments like vinegar, prepared mustard (Mustard seed is ok), or fish sauce.  That's a future question.)

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