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  • tamira@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2000
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      What are your interests related to
      medieval herbalism?

      X Gardening/herb growing
      o Botany/Herb Indentification
      o Medicine/physick
      X Cooking
      X Brewing
      X Scent/Cosmetics
      X Dyeing and other textile uses
      X Other household uses
      o Garden Design/Agriculture
      o Other

      For the East Kingdom Herbalist guild, Do
      you think we should have a single
      system of rankings, or rank within
      subject areas?

      o Single System
      X Separate rankings by subject area

      For the East kingdom
      herbalist/apothecary guild, How many
      ranking levels do you think we should

      o None
      o Three
      o Five
      X Seven
      o More
      o Other