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5416Mosquito repellent?

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  • Cheri or Anne
    Jul 1, 2006

      Greetings everyone,
      I live across the street from a swampy area that is just perfect to breed mosquito's.  Now for me, if there is anyone else to bite they will leave me alone but my husband is like candy to them and I've been thinking of a way to make some type of repellent that is herbal.  Plus I have a new grandbaby four months old that we don't want to spray with Off either!
      I'm trying this:  Simmer some rosemary in water for an hour or so, strain off and pour into a spray bottle.  I've added some additional rosemary oil I made earlier in the year and just a couple of drops of lemon oil (I figured real lemon juice would sting any cuts someone may have).  Strong aromas both, so maybe it will keep the little blood suckers off. 
      Since he's not here, I've been trying it myself and it does seem to work, I know I smell really delicious :)
      Anyone else have any ideas?  Maybe something they have tried?
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