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  • HopeAllyson Dwiggins
    Apr 1, 2006
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      Re: [SCA-Herbalist] New Member
      Lorna, hi
      I can’t believe it’s you.  Welcome back to the SCA.  How are the children?  Our 3 are well.  Jeremy sends his greetings.  Say hi to John for me.  
      Lady Annys Wolf of Wharram Percy
      HopeAllyson Dwiggins

      I was a member of the SCA many, many years ago and have recently rejoined, in Rhode Island's Barony of the Bridge. I am just starting to meet people and go to events, and have yet to develop my persona, so all this feels very new to me.
      I'm a Wildlife Rehabilitator, specializing in rabies vector species including raccoons, foxes, groundhogs, and I also work a lot with opossums just because I absolutely adore them. I co-run a large Wiccan and Druidic teaching coven in Providence, called Gaia's Hearth. I am, after many years of self-study, beginning an Herbal Apprenticeship program, which I'm excited about. I am also revising my herb garden this summer to be primarily medicinal herbs, and looking at medieval knot patterns.  I also have a small culinary herb garden, which last year went to the groundhogs but this year I'm reclaiming. LOL
      I look forward to learning from you all. Thank you!
      LC for Rhode Island Pagan Pride (Pagan Faire)
      High Priestess, Gaia's Hearth
      Wiccan Coven, CUUPS Chapter, Providence, RI
      www.gaiashearth.com <http://www.gaiashearth.com/>
      Lorna Buffum, Director
      Healing Paws Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education
      (401) 523-9214
      www.healingpawswildlife.org <http://www.healingpawswildlife.org/>
      Education Director, Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of RI
      14+ years mammals, RVS permits, specializing in raccoons and opossums
      "In the end we will conserve only what we love and we will love only what we understand." - Baba Dioum, African Ecologist
      Member of IWRC, NWRA, National Opossum Society, Opossum Society of the US, Raccoon Rehabilitators Association, Fund for Animals, Humane Society of the US Urban Wildlife Sanctuary Program

      SCA-Herbalist disclaimer: This list is primarily for discussion of medieval
      and renaissance herbalism and herbalism in the SCA. Please verify any health
      information in other sources and/or with a qualified health professional.

      Get medieval at Mad Macsen's http://www.MedievalMart.com/
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