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4671RE: [SCA-Herbalist] Re: Squirrel troubles...

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  • Beth Beaver
    Jun 15 7:57 AM
      Good idea, thanks. I just went to the store today and found an herbal remedy
      of thyme oil, pepermint oil and white pepper. It is in an inorganic
      material that you spread around. It wears off too.I really think marking my
      territory is a marvelous idea. That is what animals do. :)


      Beth Beaver

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      > Most wild animals will shy away from the "scent of a predator".
      > I know that this may seem immodest for some, but have you tried
      "marking your
      > territory"? By this I mean, saving your own urine and simply
      pouring it
      > around the area. I cannot detect the scent, but evidently the
      beasties can,
      > even after a rainstorm. I know it works for me and I have
      armadillos, voles,
      > squirrels, rabbits, wild dogs and deer. I "refresh" the scent about
      once a month.

      Hm... I wonder if the medieval custom of country commoners 'retiring
      to a bowshot from the house' to relieve themselves helped keep wild
      animals out of the front and back gardens?

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