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4670Re: Squirrel troubles...

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  • jenneheise
    Jun 15 7:47 AM
      > Most wild animals will shy away from the "scent of a predator".
      > I know that this may seem immodest for some, but have you tried
      "marking your
      > territory"? By this I mean, saving your own urine and simply
      pouring it
      > around the area. I cannot detect the scent, but evidently the
      beasties can,
      > even after a rainstorm. I know it works for me and I have
      armadillos, voles,
      > squirrels, rabbits, wild dogs and deer. I "refresh" the scent about
      once a month.

      Hm... I wonder if the medieval custom of country commoners 'retiring
      to a bowshot from the house' to relieve themselves helped keep wild
      animals out of the front and back gardens?
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