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4669Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Squirrel troubles...

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  • Ro Bourdeau
    Jun 15, 2005
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      And for those of us who are more modest, you can get bobcat and fox urine from the local Agway to keep the pests away.
      -A'isha (mka Ro)
      P.S. Some critters aren't detered by the scent of human urine. While camping along the AT, I had a VERY close encounter with a deer at about 4 am while answering the call of nature (he came to within three feet of me wondering what I was doing). There are no bathrooms in the backcountry and given the number of animals I've seen while camping (and I've gone backpacking for over 17 years), I guess I don't produce enough of a "predator scent".

      TERESA597@... wrote:
      Okay, I have put off telling you all about this for too long, now. I cannot contain the secret any longer! 
      Most wild animals will shy away from the "scent of a predator".
      I know that this may seem immodest for some, but have you tried "marking your territory"?    By this I mean, saving your own urine and simply pouring it around the area.  I cannot detect the scent, but evidently the beasties can, even after a rainstorm. I know it works for me and I have armadillos, voles, squirrels, rabbits, wild dogs and deer.  I "refresh" the scent about once a month.
      Good Gardening to you! 
      ~ Kerstyn Gartener, MKA Teresa Olson
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