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4666Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Squirrel troubles...

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  • Leslie S
    Jun 6, 2005
      I have container gardens at my apartment too and have fought off the infamous grey squirrels! And
      worse, I'm on the ground floor. They do not like Rosemary or Sage. I have planted both rosemary
      and sage each year for 5 years and since have not had a problem with them digging in my plants
      since. They are also said to not like marigolds. I haven't tested this plant yet. FYI...Chipmunks
      also do not like rosemary and sage. Now if I could find a way to keep the neighborhood children
      out of them... (sigh)


      --- Lyn Tonnessen <lyntonnessen@...> wrote:

      > Hi all. You were all so efficient in your suggestions about snails, I
      > thought I'd pose my problem to the group.
      > I live in an apartment, so I must make do with a container garden.
      > Luckily, though, I have a patio where my container garden may live. My
      > problem? Gray squirrels with absolutely no fear. I live in a highly
      > suburban area (Columbia, MD), and the squirrels are savaging my dill
      > and chives, digging them up. Strangely, they have left my basil, sage,
      > lavender, tarragon, and rosemary alone.
      > Any suggestions? I don't really have the capacity for hanging the pots
      > (though I may try that anyway).
      > --
      > Lyn Tonnessen
      > Grad student, Fan, and part-time geek
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      > (Gina Torres), 'Firefly: The Train Job'

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