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4659Re: Squirrel troubles...

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  • carrig37421
    Jun 7, 2005
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      Greetings -

      > and the squirrels are savaging my dill and chives, digging them up.

      are they eating them? or just digging them up?

      If they are eating them then you have pre-seasoned meat to cook with
      >:) Not to mention other SCA skills to work on such a hide tanning
      (fur on or off) and leather working ;) ------ when I was a kid part of
      my chores was being sentry at garden, just me and my trusty Red Ryder
      bb gun collecting squirrel and rabbit and partially eaten tomatoes and
      cantolopes etc for the evening meal ;)

      If that's too gross for you then you might consider live-catching them
      and transporting to a kingdom far far away
      http://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com/trapsl.htm I used live catch and
      transport for years in an Atlanta condo because the Property
      (mis)Managers were too *&^%$#@! cheap to repair the chimney screens,
      so, when the wee beasties got hungry and smelled food wafting up the
      chimney, down they came.

      ***** probably by far the easiest and least expensive---

      You might consider making container covers from chicken wire etc - I
      am in the seasonal process of screening my own garden from wild
      rabbits and dove and quail and crow and rats and mice, and yea-verily
      even slugs (with copper wire - results to be forthcoming....), so if
      you wish to send me pics and dimensions of your containers I'll design
      covers and send you construction sketches.

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