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4652Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Squirrel troubles...

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  • Carowyn Silveroak
    Jun 6, 2005

      > My problem? Gray squirrels with absolutely no fear. I live in a highly
      > suburban area (Columbia, MD), and the squirrels are savaging my
      > dill and chives, digging them up. Strangely, they have left my basil,
      > sage, lavender, tarragon, and rosemary alone.

      You won't like my solution, though it works.....

      Slingshot. They get the hint real quick that you're Not a Friendly Place
      to Be.

      If you go with the hanging pot idea, don't forget to put baffles on the
      line, or the [expletive deleted] will still eat 'em.

      -Carowyn, who likes squirrel stew
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