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4590Annual Blackfox Awards

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  • Shannon Gallowglass
    May 1, 2005
      Unto the Populace of the East Kingdom from Lady Shannon Gallowglass,
      Kingdom Chronicler:

      Today is May 1, 2005 and is the beginning of another SCA year. This
      means its now time to look back over the past year and recognize the
      excellent work being done in newsletters at the principality, baronial
      and local levels with the Annual Blackfox Awards.

      Any local group or special interest newsletter (ie guilds or A&S issue
      for a local group) produced in AS 39 (that's May 1, 2004-April 30,
      2005) are eligible. Winners will be announced by the Society
      Chronicler at the Known World Chronicler's meeting at Pennsic this year
      and will be published in the Autumn issue of the TI.

      The categories this year are

      1) Best Over All newsletter (newsletters which best meets the needs of
      the local group)
      2) Best Layout and Design (the best looking newsletter for balance and
      3) Best Artwork (For artwork on the cover or interior of the newsletter)
      4) Best Special Issue (for A&S issues or other limited focus newsletters
      of a geographic group)
      5) Best Special Interest (for guild newsletters, research newsletter, etc)
      6) Best Regular Feature (for original cartoons, articles, columns, etc
      that appear regularly)
      7) Best Article (to recognize excellence in articles appearing in a
      local newsletter)
      8) Best Poetry or Short Fiction ( to recognize excellence in poetry or
      short fiction appearing in a local newsletter)
      9) Honorable mention

      For those groups who have been sending the newsletters to the
      Chronicler's office each month, thank you. These will now be looked at
      and considered for the Blackfox Awards.

      URGENT: Now, I need *your* help. Because the office of Chronicler
      changed hands in January, there may be some newsletters from April 30,
      2004 to December 30, 2004 that I have not gotten or seen. So I ask all
      East Kingdom Chroniclers to send The East Kingdom Chroniclers Office
      packet containing their newsletter from this period. This way we can be
      sure that everyone is given a fair chance at being recognized for their
      work and efforts.

      Please send the packets c/o Local Newsletter Deputy: Baroness
      Scheherazade Al-Zahira (Scheherazade Jackson) 3900 Ford Road, Apt. 5G,
      Philadelphia, PA 19131. Deadline for consideration is: *June 1, 2005*.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to write me at
      chronicler@... or call me at 610-277-3996 (before 10pm please).

      Please pass this along to any or all interested parties.

      Thank you .

      In Service,
      Lady Shannon Gallowglass
      East Kingdom Chronicler