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  • Beth Beaver
    Jul 7, 2004
      Thanks, Roma! I will pass on the info. Have a Marvelous Day!

      Lady Elia

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      According to my book, catnip is settling to the stomache, sedative, and
      since it powerfully stimulates sweating, fever reducing. Its pleasant taste
      and gentle action make it suitable for colds, flu and fever in children,
      especially when it is mixed with elderflower and honey.Catnip is m,arkedly
      antiflatulent, settling indigestion and colic, and is also useful in
      treating headaches related to digestive problems.
      However, in the folklore section it says, "it provokes urination and
      menstruation; it expels the stillborn child; it opens obstruction of the
      lungs and the womb, and it is good for internal bruises and shortness of
      breath. drunk with salt and honey, it expels worms from the body." (K'Eogh,
      in his Irish Herbal, 1735.)
      If you decide to try it in Sekanjabin, I would start with a VERY mild
      infusion, as it is supposed to be safe for children, but apparently a
      stronger dose might have different results than you want. Again, though,
      when in doubt, consult a certified herbologist.

      >In your copious spare time, can you answer a query for me, please.
      >there is discussion on the mid-east list about Sekanjabin with catnip
      >in it. Some people say it is Ok and others say it is not. Since you
      >have more resources, can you please either let us know or ask the
      >Herbal list?

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