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3646Re: [SCA-Herbalist] Period Soaps

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  • Jason Costarakis
    Jan 31, 2004
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      actualy it is alkaline, the oposite of an acid.  a ph of 7 is neutural, lower is acidic, higher is alkaline. so if you have an acid spill clean up with an base (alkaline compound, baking soda) and if you have an alkaline spill, clean up with acid (vineger). 
      btw, not trying to nitpick, but these are handy chemistry safety tips. 
      also, a GOOD pair of eye protection, preferably non vented or splashproof vents (lab style) can save you.  i have my left eye due to same (splash when mixing holography developing bleach, sulfuric acid & brate) even mild chemicals can permanantly damage your eyes very quickly, scars on the hands no big deal, the eyes.....
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      Its more like an acidic thing.
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