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3548Re: [SCA-Herbalist] RE: period handwashing table

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  • Eleyn Scrivener
    Jan 6, 2004
      >In period 'handlaving' for the table people hold their hands OVER the bowl<BR>
      >and the water is poured over the hands and into the bowl below. Since<BR>
      >people don't put their hands in the bowl of used water, this isn't a<BR>

      That's exactly what we did. The washee held his/her hands over the "slop"
      bowl while the sewer (person pouring water) poured the scented water over
      the washee's hands (and into the slop bowl).

      I did have a bottle of instant hand sanitizer available, but no one
      wanted to use it. <shrug>

      It was fun, but I wish I could have gotten pictures. Would have made it
      easier to explain. : )

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