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3546Re: [SCA-Herbalist] RE: period handwashing table

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  • jenne@fiedlerfamily.net
    Jan 5 7:15 PM
      > I have a question about this. Not the oils used (sounds _wonderful_!), but the method. I don't mean to put a damper on anything... but, was the water discarded after each person and the bowl washed? Otherwise, if people used the same water (sounds like you had the fresh towel thing covered), as our forebears discovered, it's a great way to spread bacteria.

      In period 'handlaving' for the table people hold their hands OVER the bowl
      and the water is poured over the hands and into the bowl below. Since
      people don't put their hands in the bowl of used water, this isn't a
      problem. You are thinking of modern fingerbowls, I think. (Also, the
      handwashing at table is purely ceremonial-- people in period were expected
      to come to the table with clean hands and nails, all the manners books
      say so.

      My article on period handwashing:


      -- Jadwiga, cranky with the flue.

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