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  • sparrowhawk1970 <amynjohn@worldnet.att.n
    Mar 1, 2003
      Welcome Eilis,
      I feel I should mention here that peppermint is a hybrid and produces
      inert seeds. If you bought peppermint seeds (and I have seen them
      packaged before), the plant that sprouts is NOT peppermint.
      I'm apartment living as well, so I understand your space challenges.
      Think vertical:)


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      <eilisag@y...> wrote:
      > Greetings!
      > I live in the Barony of Axemoor, and recently became aware of the
      > SCA, it's herb guild, and this site.
      > Last spring, I started my first organic herb and vegetable garden.
      > continued this past autumn with cool season transplants. Presently,
      > I'm preparing for my next crop by starting my own seeds
      > (2/plant). So far, I have seedlings for some peppermint, spearmint,
      > tomatoes, lavender, chamomile, lettuce, spinach, carrots, peas,
      > Bolivian peppers and more. I have very limited space due to the
      > that I rent. Many of my plants are in containers - espec. the
      > I have bought some books and researched many websites. I am amazed
      > all the wonderful creations and uses derived from herbs. I am so
      > and overwhelmed, but I am having a lot of fun. I look forward to
      > learning more!
      > Eilis
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