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2427Re: [SCA-Herbalist] attention, everyone who said this was a good idea

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  • Linda Krecker-Schkred
    Nov 4 11:51 AM
      At 11:53 PM -0500 11/1/02, newbrg@... wrote:
      Yes, please! I'm hoping one or two will be "shorter" since that will make
      layout a lot more flexible. As for specs, Do you have a copy of the REAL
      Forward Into The Past? That size and shape -- in other words, 8.5x11 folded
      in half to make a 5.5x8.5 page.

      as a matter of fact, I do. It is the size you guessed. There are 16
      inside pages (from 4 sheets of paper) and a heaver weight cover. And
      it is b&w. The cover has the name a line stating "An Introductory
      Guide to the SCA" both written in a computer based old English font.
      There is a nice picture on the cover. There are short articles that
      mostly take one page with a simple title: Membership, What is the
      SCA?, Getting Started, What to Wear, All Purpose T-tunic (2 pages),
      Fitting in at Events, Names and Persons, Kingdom and Local Officers,
      Who is Who? (just over 2 pages) Heraldry, Guilds, Households and
      Sociability, The Gentle Arts and Sciences and SCA Combat. The center
      spread is a USA and Canada (there are arrows pointing towards the non
      N. American principalities) map showing the kingdoms and the inside
      back cover has shorter articles called For Further Information and
      Acknowledgements and a box with notes about the illustrations. Each
      page, except the center spread and the inside front and back of the
      cover, has a 1" wide by the full length illustration that includes a
      bit of medieval swirlly stuff and circles with the heraldry of the
      kingdoms, peerages, and offices. Looking over it, this is a huge
      amount of information, much more that you can teach in an SCA 101
      class. And except for the map of kingdoms it is still up-to-date.
      (This issue is copyright 1989) The back cover has only the return
      address in order to use as a self mailer.

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