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2419Re: [SCA-Herbalist] attention, everyone who said this was a good idea

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  • newbrg@aol.com
    Nov 1 8:53 PM
      Yes, please! I'm hoping one or two will be "shorter" since that will make
      layout a lot more flexible. As for specs, Do you have a copy of the REAL
      Forward Into The Past? That size and shape -- in other words, 8.5x11 folded
      in half to make a 5.5x8.5 page.
      It'll have to be b&w, since I plan to put it into pdf format so people can
      download it and make copies for distribution.


      In a message dated 11/1/02 9:47:12 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      rhianwen@... writes:
      > Not a problem. I can also include a short blurp about the history of
      > botanical illustration. It will be decidely shorter than 350 words, I
      > hope :)
      > I'll need, when you're ready, to have size specs.
      > Rhianwen
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