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2415Re: [SCA-Herbalist] attention, everyone who said this was a good idea

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  • Linda Krecker-Schkred
    Nov 1, 2002
      Not a problem. I can also include a short blurp about the history of
      botanical illustration. It will be decidely shorter than 350 words, I
      hope :)

      I'll need, when you're ready, to have size specs.


      At 12:03 AM -0500 11/1/02, newbrg@... wrote:
      I've been doing some figuring about this "forward into the past -- for herbs"
      project, and I'm going to see if it can be done.

      First objective: a name. Any ideas? So far I've thought up several
      not-particularly-inspired ones, such as
      Forward -- with Herbs
      Herbalists Unite!
      Guilded Herbs
      The Historical Herbalist

      Please, someone, think up a good one. No matter what we use, it will probably
      get a subtitle along the lines of "SCA Herbalism."

      Okay, next, I am looking for articles. For the most part, they should not be
      longer than 350 words (any longer and you risk editorial cuts) and should be
      firmly INTRODUCTORY. If possible, a simple "recipe" is a good thing to

      So far I have pledges ("Promises" is a little strong) for period culinary
      herbs (that's Suhayma), wild crafting / edible wild herbs (Hedvig) and
      artwork, which I'm hoping includes a gorgeous cover (Rhianwen).

      I'd also like articles on dying with herbs, period practice (there was some
      discussion on this list recently to use as a basis), gardening /herb growing,
      and a double-size one on basic compounding (scents, remedies, cosmetics,
      etc.) An introduction (which, unless I change my mind, I'll volunteer for)
      will include warnings and definitions and such. There will also be a
      bibliography (for which I intend to lean on Jadwiga to help cull the beginner
      stuff from the long, long list of stuff we've accumulated) and the back cover
      will be contact information, including blank space for groups other than
      EKHAG to use for their own contact info.

      On your mark. Get set. WRITE!

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