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2414Re: [SCA-Herbalist] attention, everyone who said this was a good idea

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  • Silver Moon
    Nov 1, 2002
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      This sounds great! Count me in to help! I am doing a class this weekend
      and I have some interesting stuff you may use.


      >I've been doing some figuring about this "forward into the past -- for
      >project, and I'm going to see if it can be done.

      Are we doing period herbs? Are we including herbs used in todays world?

      >First objective: a name. Any ideas? So far I've thought up several
      >not-particularly-inspired ones, such as
      >Forward -- with Herbs
      >Herbalists Unite!
      >Guilded Herbs
      >The Historical Herbalist
      >Please, someone, think up a good one. No matter what we use, it will
      >get a subtitle along the lines of "SCA Herbalism."
      >Okay, next, I am looking for articles. For the most part, they should not
      >longer than 350 words (any longer and you risk editorial cuts) and should
      >firmly INTRODUCTORY. If possible, a simple "recipe" is a good thing to
      >So far I have pledges ("Promises" is a little strong) for period culinary
      >herbs (that's Suhayma), wild crafting / edible wild herbs (Hedvig) and
      >artwork, which I'm hoping includes a gorgeous cover (Rhianwen).
      >I'd also like articles on dying with herbs, period practice (there was some
      >discussion on this list recently to use as a basis), gardening /herb
      >and a double-size one on basic compounding (scents, remedies, cosmetics,
      >etc.) An introduction (which, unless I change my mind, I'll volunteer for)
      >will include warnings and definitions and such. There will also be a
      >bibliography (for which I intend to lean on Jadwiga to help cull the
      >stuff from the long, long list of stuff we've accumulated) and the back
      >will be contact information, including blank space for groups other than
      >EKHAG to use for their own contact info.
      >On your mark. Get set. WRITE!

      Lady Cerridwen Ravenhawk
      Of the McLean Family
      Canton of Lionsdale

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