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2284RE: [SCA-Herbalist] where?

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  • Krys Jeffrey-Wagner
    Oct 4, 2002
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      Lets see, here are a few ways to use the plants:
      >>>SELF HEAL:  is a great herb for wounds, cleaning them and stopping the bleeding.  Also you can use it as a very weak gargle for bleeding gums, mouth inflammations and sore throats.
      >>>MARSHMALLOW:  the root is good powered in a paste, mixed with water as a poultice for skin inflammations.  It can also be made into an ointment for wounds or to help draw splinters.
      >>>AGRIMONY:  A poultice of leaves has been known to relieve migraines and as a wash can be used for wounds, sores, eczema and varicous ulcers.
      >>>WOOD BETONY:  fresh ground leaves/stems good in poultices for wounds and bruises.  Makes a good mouth wash/gargle for mouth ulcers, gum inflammations and sore thorats.
      >>>VERVAIN:  I have heard it can be good for insect bites, sprains and bruises, but I have never used it.  I have used it in an ointment for wounds and weeping sores on horses.
      >>Toothache Plant: a friend gave me one and swears by it for toothaches by chewing the leafs.  Haven't tried it yet.  Just keeping it alive and away from the snails is keeping me busy.
      Aricia Jehane
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      > These I grow but I'm not sure what to do with Self Heal, Sweet
      > Woodruff, Marshmallow, Toothache Plant, Betony, Agrimony, Blue Vervain

      Marshmallow syrup is supposed to be good for conditions involving
      irritation of the throat, lungs or gut.

      Sweet Woodruff, dried, makes a lovely sachet for men (it smells like
      new-mown hay when dried.

      Anyone want some rue? It's time to cut back the bush. And anyone who is
      coming to the symposium and wants some motherwort (dried, I'm not
      inflicting the plants on anyone else) I will be happy to oblige.

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