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1643Re: [SCA-Herbalist] New file uploaded to SCA-Herbalist

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  • Alywn
    May 2, 2002
      OK, myabe I'm confusing groups. Someone on one of my groups said glass
      bottles weren't period. It confused me as I thought they were.
      Avacyn, sorry for the confusion

      >Huh? Well of course glass bottles are period, and pre-period by 3 or 4
      >thousand years. By 1291 Murano was doing little else but glass work. Galileo
      >had glass libratory gear. By 1570 no self respecting Alchemist would use
      >anything else. 2/3rds of the forests in Europe were burned to make glass.
      >Half the reason for colonizing the new world was to find more forests for
      >the glass makers to burn up.
      >David Falcone
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