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  • Alywn
    May 1, 2002
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      I've been thinking about that. I want to try the recipe with myrrh and
      vervain added in an olive oil and beeswax base. Thought for a whiel about
      using lard also as it is moisturizing to the skin and won't need much to
      thicken it - if anything. So was just curious. BTW, was reading a
      translation of Nostradamus tonight (The Elixers of Nostradamus) and he
      suggests keeping things in glass. Also mentions a glass rebec. (I have
      memory problems and must look up the shape of a rebec, but it is what I
      think it is, any culture that could make that could easily make glass
      bottles.) Culpeper, who is slightly beyond period mentions storing things
      in glass bottles. My guess is that glass bottles are period.

      > > Since coconut butter isn't period has anyone tried this in other
      > > greases
      > > such as lard?
      >I believe Mistress Jasmin de Cordoba of the Middle Kingdom does a bruise
      >balm in an olive oil/beeswax base.
      >-- Jadwiga
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